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County of Rockland Home Page

Visit our home page for the latest information on our departments and services from Rockland County.


Rockland County 2010 Census Data

The Rockland County Planning Department maintains a site with all of the latest 2010 Census data for the County of Rockland and its Towns, Villages, Hamlets and School Districts, as well as a variety of other Census geographies.


Rockland County GIS Portal

The GIS Portal is your gateway to Rockland County mapping resources.


U.S. Census Bureau 2010 Census Redistricting Data Website:

This website is your first stop for Census Bureau redistricting information.  The web site includes details about the program as well as links to data.  The site also includes technical tips on how to download and access the redistricting data.


American FactFinder

The American Factfinder website provides population information from a variety of sources including: The Decenianial Census, The American Community Survey, The Puerto Rico Community Survey, The Economic Census and The Population Estimates Program.

You can search and download data by topic, geography, population group or by industry code.


2010 Census Redistricting Data [P.L. 94-171] Summary Files

The 2010 Census Redistricting Data [P.L. 94-171] Summary File data is available for download at this site.  The summary file tables contain tabulations for the following:

Table P1 - Race
Table P2 - Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino by Race
Table P3 - Race for the Population18 Years and Over
Table P4 - Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino by Race for the Population 18 Years and Over
Table H1 - Occupancy Status (Housing)

Technical support in the form of readme files and records layouts are available for SAS, Microsoft ACCESS, and for the traditional Decennial summary file format. The 2010 Census Redistricting Data [P.L. 94-171] Summary File Technical Documentation is now available. P.L. 94-171 Technical Documentation [PDF] 3.75 MB

2010 TIGER/Line Shapefiles

This website provides a user friendly interface to download GIS shapefiles for various Census geographies such as Tracts, Block Groups, Blocks, Cities, Counties, School Districts, etc.  Please note that these Shapefiles are geographic layers files that require GIS software to use.